Angel Readings, Canada
Angel Reading, Toronto

The word angel means "messenger of God". Angels are pure beings of Divine light who want to help you with every aspect of your life, carrying messages between us and God. Angels do not have ego or judgement. They are totally loving and trustworthy.

As an Angel Therapist™, I connect with a your guardian angels and archangels to heal and harmonize every aspect of your life by helping you to receive Divine Guidance. For example, you may wish to ask the angels about your work, finances, health, life purpose or relationships. I receive the information from the angels and archangels in various ways - often as either a voice, symbols or feeling.

Depending on your needs, your reading may include healings from the angels. For example: You might come to me with back pain or feeling run down and exhausted. This is often caused by psychic wounds or psychic debris as well as having etheric cords attached to various people in your life. The angels can help to get to the root of the cause and alleviate the problem.

The angels are constantly giving us all messages and guidance, but we may not realize this and usually discard them, thinking that they are figments of our imagination. I've often found that I will receive the same message from the angels that my clients have been receiving, which further validates that the information and signs that they have received have been correct and should be trusted.

During an angel reading I would often use angel Oracle cards in order to get further insight about a specific question or situation. Oracle cards do not contain any messages with negative connotations.


Doreen Virtue
Medium, Mediumship

A medium is a person who facilitates the communication between those on the earth plane and those in the spirit world.

I can connect with your loved ones and pets who have crossed over to the spirit world, often capturing the essence of their personality as well as relaying messages that they may have for you. Sometimes the messages may be in the form of a symbol which has meaning to you. Often their messages will be sent as a form of validation. They may refer to something that is currently happening in your life to let you know that they are still here with you.

It is very reassuring to know that your loved ones are still with you in the spirit world.



1 hour in person angel or mediumship reading: CND $125
1 hour phone angel or mediumship reading: CND $125
30 minute phone angel or mediumship reading: CND $75

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"After the first few moments of Joel's and my conversation I began to hear messages that truly were from my Angels. It was a huge confirmation that yes indeed... I am connecting with them. The more I asked Joel for information the more the messages became clearer and more defined."  - Tim Cyr

"Experiencing an angel reading was like putting my glasses on for the first time; it really brought my thoughts and feelings into focus. Gentle and supportive, the angels helped guide me beyond my fears to my inner truth."  - Justine Apple