"Joel is very intuitive and I just had the most meaningful and powerful angle reading from him. I was not sure what I was getting my self into at first, but after a few minutes I could see that he was actually reading from my life and aspects that he had no awareness of. He hit the nail on the head with his insights and helped me come to a place of peace with my understanding of my up bringing. At one point he called in my now passed away mother into the reading, and he spoke words that I knew were from my mom, and helped me understand her perspective and feel more connected to her, and that she is still here with me. Thank you again Joel, and keep up your amazing work! I will recommend you to my friends, and I already have someone who would like to talk to you!"
- Shahee, Vancouver BC - TribalGlobe.com, facebook.com/TribalGlobe

"After my angel reading with Joel, I couldn't believe how accurate the reading was. It confirmed any thoughts, doubts and feelings I was experiencing. Now, I not only have a better clarification of the most important aspects of my life, I'm able to understand what I'm supposed to be doing to live happier. After the reading I felt at peace and I will definately be calling Joel again. Thank you Joel for connecting with my angels, the advice they had for me was exactly what I needed. I'm still blown away!" - Tanya, Toronto, ON

"Thank you for taking the time for clarifying a lot of the issues crowding my mind. Your reading was so accurate, I was literally stunned at the information coming my way. I spent the rest of the day feeling very peaceful, which is a feeling I haven't felt in a long time." - Barbara

"My first ever angel reading was with Joel and was an amazing experience. I truly believe Joel is an exceptionally gifted angel reader. I felt so peaceful and reassured after the reading. There is a soothing and gentle quality to his voice that immediately puts you at ease. He is articulate and incredibily accurate. I was stunned at the details he was able to give me including the name of someone who was on my mind that I had not even mentioned to him. He preferred not to be told anything in advance which for me is further validation of his genuine ability. I have total confidence that Joel is the "real deal". I will definitely contact Joel again for angel readings and angel healings." - Vickie

"Experiencing an angel reading was like putting my glasses on for the first time; it really brought my thoughts and feelings into focus. Gentle and supportive, the angels helped guide me beyond my fears to my inner truth. I could feel that their words were genuine, meant only for my higher good. I came out of my first session feeling empowered, enlightened, and exhausted (from the intense emotional work). I would most definitely go back to Joel for a second and third session." - Justine Apple

"I have worked with Joel on more than one occasion and found his work to be both authentic and soul inspiring. He is a kind soul who is capable for making room for any light to shine through with a large offering of wisdom, comfort, along with providing multiple choices for positive life direction. By setting the ego aside, Joel allows for the helpful entities to do their work in aiding you on your life's journey. And from this process, Joel creates the space where there is an allowing for the voice of truth to come through with direct flow and ease." - Lizzie Kurtz, Toronto, Canada.

"Joel did an Angel Reading for me thereby making me more aware of my life. This enabled me to make certain valuable changes to my Life. As a result of these changes, I have begun to treat 'ME' WITH LOVE! Thank you Joel." - Linda

"Joel did a reading for me on the spot in a moment of turmoil for me. His abilities enabled me to trust actions I would make in order to shift my life in a positive direction. Joel is compassionate and loving in his guidance. I know his abilities to be authentic and joyfully recommend him to anyone interested. Peace and blessings to you." - Deborah A.

"Joel gave me a realistic description of my grandparents, their relationship and the unfaultering information that Betty was the boss! With great empathy and compassion, he communicated between us and passed on some information and heartfelt messages between us. My grandfather told Joel some touching things, and I felt very privileged and emotional to receive such an unusual blessing." - Liora B.

"Let's see, where to begin... at first when I heard of "Angel readings" a while ago my first thought was... how do they communicate via someone else to send me messages? Especially when I am not in contact with that person that is doing the reading for me, I felt at odds and was unsure of what to expect. But over time I have come to be in contact with my guides and angels through meditation and being "in the present" more and more every day. When I found out that Joel does readings, I was intrigued to find out more. To find out if what I was connecting with was really solid, really real.

After the first few moments of Joel's and my conversation I began to hear messages that truly were from my Angels. It was a huge confirmation that yes indeed... I am connecting with them. The more I asked Joel for information the more the messages became clearer and more defined. From my challenging relationship with my mother, to the new adventures that I am taking with my life (both work and personal) and finally to the way my body is now reacting to these changes in leaps and bounds. I began to acknowledge that this is a wonderful way to speak to them through someone that is truly gifted and connected to Angels.

I will definitely be utilizing Joel's services in the future to step aside and let the information flow from the source through him. Thank you Joel... thank you for the confirmation and the all of the added information that was available that I was unable to pin-point and find answers to." - Tim Cyr, Alberta Canada

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